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Paris is a Better DJ than You

I know you’re laughing. I’d love to have a good laugh myself, but I can’t. I’m actually not happy to say that “Paris Hilton is Read more

16 January 2014 Articles Read more

Paris Hilton’s Latest Comes with a Twist

Let’s face it. The world has ended. Paris Hilton has a new song out. Hell must have frozen over while we were asleep on the Read more

14 October 2013 Articles Read more

Paris Hilton and the Unexpected Weapon of Choice

Paris Hilton. It’s the one name that makes almost every wannabe-pro DJ shudder. How dare that dumb blonde – who’s name became a household phenomenon Read more

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The Sync Button

Pioneer dropped a bombshell this week with their announcement of the CDJ-2000nexus. Well, it’s not so much of a bombshell to the rest of us Read more

6 September 2012 Articles Read more