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Silverfilter: House, Breaks, Techno and the Sound of Manila

Silverfilter may not be a name you’re familiar with, but he’s been making the rounds in the Philippines for a while now. With multiple releases Read more

16 September 2013 Articles Read more

Deadmau5 Got It Right

Everybody has been talking about Deadmau5’s “We all hit play” post from last week. Now that the dust has settled somewhat, Dave Richards takes it head on and points out what the critics all missed.

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Deeflash Walks You Through Sunday Panic

Deeflash graciously took some time out recently to walk us through his live PA setup. In 11 minutes he takes you through both the hardware Read more

5 June 2012 Video Read more

Broken Arrow #13: Deeflash Live From White As Snow 3

Broken Arrow took a month off in February due to some pretty uncoordinated coordinating, but we’re back with something special this month.

12 March 2012 News Read more