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Boosting Beatport

So “something” must have happened over at Beatport recently. Normally, they don’t make statements regarding the validity of their charts. This week however, Beatport has Read more

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Happy New Year. The End is Near.

I’ll be upfront. This will piece will be a bit cynical. My personal background is pretty far from finance, but like most of us who Read more

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Beatport Amplify: Truth in Advertising & Rumor Control

Rumors have been flying ever since the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) regarding some massive and pretty scary changes to Beatport that are in the works. Read more

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Getting Profiled: How to Get Your Bio on Beatport and More

Ever visit Beatport, iTunes or any of the other digital stores out there and wonder how an artist got a profile page? Until recently I Read more

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How to Chart on Beatport

This just shows how EASY it is to make commercial edm type electro music, let me assure you its not this easy making music when Read more

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Rave 2.0 – The Lost Art of Subtlety: Beatport and the Beast

I was recently looking over an article on another blog about a song on Beatport called “Epic Mashleg” by Daleri. The Swedish duo took the Read more

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How Much is Too Much?

One of the first concerns that Kevin, Chris and I had when we first started MK837 was that we would become a spam label. By Read more

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Beatport’s Sale: Playin’ with the Numbers

Ever since Beatport’s sale was announced a few weeks ago, I’ve wanted to dig into the numbers a bit. I’m always curious about what could be found Read more

4 April 2013 Articles Read more

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