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A Solution for the Hybrid DJ Setup with RekordBox

Since writing about RekordBox’s lack of midi support a few weeks back, I’ve put a fair amount of effort into finding a more flexible and accurate hardware solution. The good news is that I found a few of them.

6 June 2017 Articles Read more

Rekordbox Has a Problem When It Comes to Hybrid Dj Setups

I’m putting together a hybrid DJ setup, but I won’t be using Rekordbox and I’d really like to. Is a midi clock really too much to ask for?

18 April 2017 Articles Read more

Deeflash’s Devices

Deeflash has started a new video tutorial series on Abelton Live devices and racks.

11 September 2012 Video Read more

Deeflash Walks You Through Sunday Panic

Deeflash graciously took some time out recently to walk us through his live PA setup. In 11 minutes he takes you through both the hardware Read more

5 June 2012 Video Read more