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Label: MK837

Release date: 2017-07-17

Catalog number: MKE140

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It’s the middle of summer, but we’re dropping some minimal techno from Simmo that will melt just about anything. ‘Whisper’ is kinda of a misnomer here. Instead, we’ve got a relentlessly pulsating beat with an undulating subbase line. Top the high frequencies off with some truly chilling vocals and you’ve got the makings of a weapon of mass destruction.

On remix duty, Samuel Zamora jumps in with a lighter take. Pushing the track into tech house territory, Samuel introduces a lighter hearted tone and a bit of a South American vibe. If the original mix won’t do it for you, the remix most certainly will. Regardless, this ‘Whisper’ should be heard.

Supported By:

BeroK, Blue Tone Boy, Danny Slade, Dave Crane, Dezz, DJ HMC, DJ Omni, DJ SaF, Filthy Groovin, Franco Tejedor, George Marvel, Groovegsus, Jarvis, Katzo, Lar3n, LRCN, Luca Beni, Paul Cook, Peter Cruch, Raskal, Stephan Grondin, Steve Boyett, Steve ‘Butch’ Jones, and Tariq Ziyad

From the Tastemakers:

  • “Original mix rocks!”
    Groovegsus (klangwerk records / kiss my beat records / locked records / baroque records / neglected grooves / ro)
  • “Nice release! I love it!
    Katzo (nulabel / multi vitamins / datagroove music)
  • “Great sounds!!”
    Peter Cruch (Pulp Radio Only / Drunken Monkey Records / London Exclusive)
  • “Nice pack thanks!”
    George Marvel (Nocturne on Frisky Radio)
  • “Zamora remix for me… Cool!”
    Blue Tone Boy (lad recording & publishing / syndikick records uk / dusk records london)
  • “Will def play Samuel Zamora mix”
    Stephan Grondin (TKC Music / EPride Music Digital / Mjuzieek Digital / Nervous Records)
  • “Nice soudns! Original mix for me. Thanks!”
    Franco Tejedor (stellar fountain records / massive harmony records / underground music records / balkan conenection)
  • “Really like the contrast between the Zamora Remix’s upbeat funk and the haunting reverse-reverb vox. It’s creepy and fun at the same time works for me!”
    Steve Boyett (podrunner / groovelectric)
  • “Nice clubtrack.”
    BeroK (dlmpsoundrecordings)
  • “Nice dark scary twin peaks esque techno.”
    Tariq Ziyad (unity fm / radio youthology /
  • “Nice release. Like the dark techno sounds of original and the upbeat house sounds of Sam Zamora. Both will be played.”
    DJ Omni (transform djs / heaven sound records / deeplife records)
  • “I like this release and I’ll try it in my new dj sets.”
    DJ SaF (sesque music / crossworld records / boiler underground records)
  • “Sweet little two track.”
    Paul Cook (Musicbox Therapy Radio Show on Fnoob Techno Radio)
  • “Nice lively track will be adding this one to my playlist.”
    DJ HMC (club vibez radio)
  • “Both great. Original is dark and Zamora remix has nice punch.”
    Jarvis (cable recordings / spawn records / mk837)