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Sunday Panic! Remixes

Sunday Panic! Remixes

Label: MK837

Release date: 2012-03-06

Catalog number: MKE047

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Ain't That Swell (Deep Dementure Remix)
Deeflash, Deep Dementure
Ambush (DJ Salty Flavor Remix)
Deeflash, DJ Salty Flavor
Dirt On The Transistor (Techkaiser Remix)
Deeflash, Techkaiser
Through and Through (Reid K's High Voltage Remix)
Deeflash, Reid K

Sunday Panic! strikes us all around 7pm every Sunday. This Sunday Panic! hits in April. To get a stress test out of the way, we’ve asked deep Dementure, DJ Salty Flavor, Teckaiser and Reid K to join in on this remix only album teaser for Deeflash’s debut artist album, hitting stores in April.