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Label: MK837

Release date: 2017-09-11

Catalog number: MKE144

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Spanish producer Teckaiser returns to MK837 with a progressive house dream. Soho is a classic waiting to happen. With deep, lush leads, upbeat, driving rhythms and other atmospherics, Soho is the perfect way to round off a set or start one up. On remix duty is Baltimore’s MicFreak. Adding more of a bounce to the track with a bit of main room love, MicFreak delivers a standout remix that compliments the original while taking it to a whole new level.

Supported by:

Blue Tone Boy, Danny Slade, Dezz, DJ HMC, DJ SaF, DVJ NIBUR, Ed Flow, George Marvel, Luca Beni, Nelman, Paul Cook, Peter Cruch, Peter Neale , Stephan Grondin, Steve Boyett, and William Daniel

From the Tastemakers

  • “Excellent!!”
    Peter Cruch (Pulp Radio Only / Drunken Monkey Records / London Exclusive)
  • “Full support on Micfreak Remix. Really love this mix.”
    Stephan Grondin (TKC Music / EPride Music Digital / Mjuzieek Digital / Nervous Records)
  • “Soho is a fantastic deep drift in to quality audio soundscapes…great EP!!”
    Blue Tone Boy (lad recording & publishing / syndikick records uk / dusk records london)
  • “Nice bumping flavor.”
    Peter Neale (Select UK Radio / Trinity Club, Vauxhall)
  • “Strong remix on a strong original.”
    Paul Cook (Musicbox Therapy Radio Show on Fnoob Techno Radio)
  • “Prog mix works a treat!”
    Danny Slade ( / IDJ Magazine / Zone Magazine)
  • “The Micfreak Remix has a seriously infectious groove driving a melodic take on the original.”
    Steve Boyett (podrunner / groovelectric)