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Retrospectives Vol. 2

Retrospectives Vol. 2

Label: MK837

Release date: 2014-03-04

Catalog number: MKE073

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Great White Throne (Gerwin Koudijs remix)
Dima, Ed Unger, Gerwin Koudijs
Wakiya (Original Mix)
Michael Montez
White Devil (Remastered)
Dave Richards
Voices In My Head (Original Mix)
Dependence (Craig Williams Remix)
Craig Williams, Netzik
Glaitness Park (Original Mix)
Through And Through (2014 Breaks Mix)
It's Been A While (Original Mix)
Ben Moore
So Cute (Original Mix)
Van Lazarux, Rossene
Hold Back (Remastered)
Digital Reaction (Original Mix)
Dirty Delay
My Name Is House (Retchid Mix)
Jeremy Kadinger, Retchid

Diving back into the archives Mark the Winged Lion has dug up even more tracks deserving of a second look. Mark also demanded that a couple of his favorites be remastered and a whole new remix commissioned for another of one of his favorites. Heres a taste of what he found this time.

Taking center stage on this release is Gerwin remix of Dima and Ed Ungers Great White Throne. When it was originally released, it became an instant favorite of Matt Darey among others. Craig Williams did a stellar remix of Netziks Dependance long before going on to work with Green Velvet. Retchids take on My Name is House is a crowd pleaser to this day. Throw in the remastered versions of Dave Richards White Devil and J&Ms Hold Back and the only thing that would make this release better would be a breaks mix of Deeflashs Through and Through.

MK837s fifth Year rolls on.

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