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Push The Feeling On

Push The Feeling On

Label: MK837

Release date: 2012-07-17

Catalog number: MKE053

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Push The Feeling (Original Mix)
James Vevers
Push The Feeling On (Deep Dementure Remix)
James Vevers, Deep Dementure
Push The Feeling On (Sebastiaan van Beest & Vitaly Katz Remix)
Vitaly Katz, James Vevers, Sebastiaan Van Beest
Push The Feeling On (Edlington Remix)
James Vevers, Edlington
Push The Feeling On (VeeKatz & ADR NYC Remix)
ADR, James Vevers, Veekatz

Kirk Van Houten may have wanted to borrow a feeling on The Simpsons, but we have one better than that! Since it’s summertime here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re looking to share the warm sunshine, crashing waves and drives with the top down. That’s right. With James Vevers (and help from Deep Dementure, Sebastiaan van Beest & Vitaly Katz, Edlington and ADR,) it’s time to Push The Feeling On. If you’re a true houser, you’ll love this release since it has a little bit of everything for everybody. It’s Summer. Go ahead, reach for the lasers. It’s time to Push The Feeling On.

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