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Hold On

Hold On

Label: MK837

Release date: 2011-08-09

Catalog number: MKE037

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Hold On (Original Mix)
Dima, Ed Unger
Hold On (Gerwin Koudijs Remix)
Gerwin Koudijs, Dima, Ed Unger
Hold On (Dave Richards Remix)
Dave Richards, Dima, Ed Unger
Hold On (UngerRose Restoration Remix)
Dima, UngerRose, Ed Unger

Back again, Ed Unger and Dima have teamed up to prove that adage "Lightning never strikes the same place twice" wrong. With a spiritual followup to their last single, "Great White Throne", they have given us a progressive house banger with vocals that are haunting and yet hopeful, the duo have put together a masterpiece. With remix support from Gerwin Koudijs, Dave Richards, and UngerRose.