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El Todo

El Todo

Label: MK837

Release date: 2017-06-19

Catalog number: MKE138

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Samuel Zamora strikes back from the MK837 fortress with El Todo. Blending pulsating main room vibes with straight up techno and a bit of tribal influence to boot, this track has a bit for everyone. Once again on remix duty we have Dave Richards taking the crowd deep with tom laden tribal vibe. Don’t miss out on this one.

Supported By:

Alfonso Dominguez, BeroK, Blue Tone Boy, Danny Slade, DJ HMC, DJ SaF, Ed Flow, Filthy Groovin, George Marvel, Joachim Garraud, Les Hemstock, LRCN, Luca Beni, Nelman, Paul Cook, Peter Cruch, Ren D’Guerrero, Ricard Espino, Robert DB, Simmo, Stephan Grondin, Steve Boyett, Vilas Monnappa, Vinny Da Vinci, and William Daniel

From the Tastemakers:

    Vinny Da Vinci (House Afrika Records/ Metro FM / Channel 901)
  • “Samuel just keeps getting better and better!! Such a catchy melody!”
    Simmo (mk837)
  • “AWESOME , Full Support !!!”
    Peter Cruch (Pulp Radio Only / Drunken Monkey Records / London Exclusive)
  • “Nice bounce to both tracks! Wicked Summer vibes.”
    Paul Cook (Musicbox Therapy Radio Show on Fnoob Techno Radio)
  • “I like both mixes. I will def play.”
    Stephan Grondin (TKC Music / EPride Music Digital / Mjuzieek Digital / Nervous Records)
  • “Big support.”
    William Daniel (beatsmedia)
  • “It’s a very nice work here, I will play it soon, thanks.”
    Alfonso Dominguez (pdjr/rapsodia records/indalo records)
  • “Really liking El Todo by Samuel Zamora, tight Tech groove sure to get those bodies moving in the club… nice work!”
    Blue Tone Boy (lad recording & publishing / syndikick records uk / dusk records london)
  • “Welcome to the dancefloor.”
    DJ SaF (sesque music / crossworld records / boiler underground records)
  • “The Original Mix has a totally infectious groove. Great track!”
    Steve Boyett (podrunner / groovelectric)
  • “Will be adding this one to my playlist.”
    DJ HMC (club vibez radio)