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Baby C’mon

Baby C’mon

Label: MK837

Release date: 2017-08-14

Catalog number: MKE142

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Baby C’mon is the latest EP from Francisco Samuel. Infused with his signature New York tech house sound, Francisco delivers a blistering 4-pack EP.

Kicking off the EP is Frequency Dub. Driving hats and sub shaking base keep this track grooving. Sprinkle in some vocals and you’ve got a mid-night floor mover.

Next up is the deep tech Baby C’mon. Soulful vocals mixed with a great lead, grooving baseline and swooning pads make this peak time floor filler.

Scorpio Flow follows up and with it brings a bit of acid and heart pounding kicks. There’s some love of the old skool here along with a few break beats for fun.

Rounding off the EP is Tech Angels. Straight up tech house is here. It’s just the thing you need to keep a hot floor exactly the right temp and watch out for those haunting angelic vocals.

Supported by:

Andres Luque, Blue Tone Boy, Danny Slade, Dave Crane, Dezz, DJ HMC, DJ SaF, DVJ NIBUR, Ed Flow, Filthy Groovin, George Marvel, John Vella, Luca Beni, Luis Martinez, Michel Senar, Mike Raymond, Nelman, Paul Cook, Peter Cruch, Robert DB, Stephan Grondin, Steve Boyett, Steve ‘Butch’ Jones, and Tariq Ziyad

From the Tastemakers:

  • “HOT EP! loving all 4. full support”
    Stephan Grondin (TKC Music / EPride Music Digital / Mjuzieek Digital / Nervous Records)
  • “Really liking the vibe. thanks for sending.
    Ed Flow (soultrade records / unusual sound / broken records / black mamba records)
  • “Killa grooves with a touch of class!”
    Blue Tone Boy (lad recording & publishing / syndikick records uk / dusk records london)
  • “Thanks for sending! Loving the vibes on this! Full support in the clubs and on my Swept Up Sessions Show!”
    Dave Crane (soaring sounds records / sweep the floor records)
  • “Nice deep groove on Baby C’mon — will definitely support!”
    Steve Boyett (podrunner / groovelectric)
  • “Tech Angels is nice, keep up the good work!!”
    Tariq Ziyad (unity fm / radio youthology /
  • “Fat sounding beats on each track giving some serious kick to the speakers.”
    Paul Cook (Musicbox Therapy Radio Show on Fnoob Techno Radio)
  • “Great EP!!”
    Peter Cruch (Pulp Radio Only / Drunken Monkey Records / London Exclusive)
  • “Will be playing this one in my DJ sets.”
    DJ HMC (club vibez radio)
  • “Love the acid and breaks!”
    Danny Slade ( / IDJ Magazine / Zone Magazine)