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MK837 Guest Mix 003: Deeflash

MK837 Guest Mix 003: Deeflash


Chris “Deeflash” Reiche returns with another “Live and Whatevz”. This time out, he treats us to his new Live PA. Sit back and listen to some of Deeflash’s best work, reworks, remixes and unreleased material.


  • Ableton Live
  • Native Instruments Maschine MK2 w/ Maschine 2 Software
  • Novation Remote 25SL MK2
  • Novation Launchpad
  • Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ

Tracks Included

  • Dirt On The Transistor
  • J&M – On My Mind
  • Come Home
  • Nora
  • This Is Underground
  • Vegas
  • I See You Everywhere
  • Sanctuary
  • Screaming Inside
  • Shimmy
  • Crush You
  • Sunday Panic
  • Ain’t That Swell
  • Ambush
  • Through And Through
  • Shaken Ground
  • Terms Of Separation
  • Tribute
  • Spur
  • The Longing

About Deeflash

Chris “deeflash” Reiche produces his own flavor of tech house, breaks, and progressive house, he has released on labels such as Deeplife Records, MK837, and Uncovered. Chris founded MK837 with his buddies Dave Richards and Kevin Oneel. The goal was simple: create a label that honored the label/artist relationship and focused on respecting the artists and building artists up.

In 2012, Chris released a full length album titled “Sunday Panic” that showcased his talents for creating deep electronic music that still has a place on the dance floor. He then worked with Dave Richards on their J&M project and they released a full length album titled “Masks”, a nine track journey through dark and gritty indie progressive tech house on a classic tip.

Deeflash can be found monthly on Mixify broadcasting his “Live And Whatevz” show, a monthly live event featuring some of the best tech house, techno and deep house on the market today. Recordings of past his past events can be found on YouTube along with Chris’ video tutorials and other live performances.

Available at and Beatport and iTunes.