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Guest Mix 006: Dave Richards’ Proton Featured Artist Mix

Guest Mix 006: Dave Richards’ Proton Featured Artist Mix

Dave Richards

Published on: March 2015

The guest mix this month features MK837 founder Dave Richards’ two-hour mix from his March Proton Radio debut. The first hour of the mix features Dave’s own music including a few unreleased remixes. Hour two is a solid introduction to the sound of MK837. If you have been wondering what MK837 is really about, look no further. Tune in, download and enjoy.

Track List

  1. AJ Mora – Fearless (Dave Richards Remix) [Unreleased]
  2. J&M – Windmills [MK837]
  3. Dave Richards vs. Tribesman – Fingernails [MK837]
  4. J&M – Hurt Me [MK837]
  5. Dave Richards – Overdrive (A Love Song) [MK837]
  6. Dave Richards vs. Tribesman – Bedroom Rapist (Deeflash Remix) [MK837]
  7. Dave Richards – Soul (Deeflash Remix) [MK837]
  8. Steve Lawler – Gimme Some More (Dave Richards Remix) [Unreleased]
  9. Dave Richards – Explorer [MK837]
  10. Reiche & Richards – Drowning Dream (Club Mix) [Uncovered]
  11. Reiche & Richards – Crazed [Uncovered]
  12. Dave Richards – Rhythmic Modulation System [MK837]
  13. Faith Jockey – Witness (Original Mix) [MK837]
  14. Netzik – Dependence (Craig Williams Remix) [MK837]
  15. Coco Street & Deeflash – Find Your Life (Terrence Parker Deeep Detroit Heat Remix) [MK837]
  16. Leon Blaq & Chris Howland – Drumpets [MK837]
  17. Reiche – The Chase [MK837]
  18. Fitzpatrick – Voices In My Head [MK837]
  19. DJ Jarvis – White Knight [MK837]
  20. Deeflash – I See You Everywhere (Original Mix) [MK837]
  21. Rikki – Podcats [MK837]
  22. J&M – You’re On My Mind [MK837]
  23. Chemical Harmony – Control [MK837]