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Ground Under:AM Episode 6 – The DJ Bri

Ground Under:AM Episode 6 – The DJ Bri

The DJ Bri

Published on: 7/31/2015

Raskal is on vacation this week with his lovely wife and kids. Since he’s really the life behind and brains of our roundtable, we’re going to skip it this week and bring you another mix. Ironically this mix is from Raskal’s wife and DJ partner, The DJ Bri. Funny how she could show up. Leave it to a woman to always pinch hit for a man and do it better!

Like Raskal, Bri is also a member of the Afro Acid crew here in Atlanta and has been playing shows regularly now with DJ Pierre and other mainstays in the house and techno scene. Coming up in August, you will be able to catch her DJing Alice’s Mad Hatter Party – Goddess Edition which will be an all-female DJ show at the Jungle Club.

Track List:

  1. YorkChristian Löffler [20/20 Vision]
  2. I Always HaveDeeflash [MK837]
  3. Born Slippy (Raumakustik Bootleg)Underworld [Unreleased]
  4. Drunk StateSimos Tagias [Particles]
  5. Shame Cube (Oliver Huntsman Remix)Sian [Octopus Records]
  6. Counting Comets Marc Romboy [Bedrock Records]
  7. Living In Song (Gardens of God Remix) Dino Lenny [Ellum]
  8. Foles D’Antan (Edwin van Cleef Remix) Kindred Spirits [Green Martian]
  9. Eyes of Horus (We Need Cracks Remix) Clawz SG [Inlab Recordings]
  10. Battery Park Andre Hommen [Objektivity]