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Ground Under:AM Episode 5 – Chemical Harmony

Ground Under:AM Episode 5 – Chemical Harmony

Chemical Harmony

Published on: 07/24/2015

Chemical Harmony drops this week’s Ground Under Artist Mix. If you’re looking for an upbeat mix of house, funk, disco and more, this is the mix you seek. Chemical Harmony is a main stay in the Birmingham, Al scene. He’s often seen on the Harmony Network’s weekly broadcast. He also recently retired his alter ego Retchid, under which he had numerous releases with Universal, Mofohifi, Kick It Recordings, Technocolor Recordings, LW Recordings and many more.

Track List

  1. Chemical Harmony – Take Over (Original Mix)
  2. The Beatangers – Gotham City (Original Mix)
  3. Sugar Hill – Stimulate (Original Mix)
  4. Nora En Pure – Lost in Time (Original Mix)
  5. Monte – True (Original Mix)
  6. Deeflash – I Always Have  (Original Mix)
  7. Sugar Hill – Feeling For You (Original Mix)
  8. The Beatangers – Get Up Everybody (Original Mix)
  9. Sonic Future – Move Your Hips (Original Mix)
  10. Wasabi,Sugar Hill – Sexy Eyes (Original Mix)
  11. Robosonic & Adana Twins – La Fique (Original Mix)
  12. Platinum Doug – Brown Sugar (Croatia Squad Remix)
  13. Nora En Pure – True (Mark Lower Remix)
  14. Sharam Jey,Kolombo – Nonstop (Original Mix)
  15. Croatia Squad – Touch Me  (Original Mix)
  16. Televisor – Automagic (Original Mix)
  17. Chemical Harmony – The Cave of Time (Original Mix)