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Ground Under:AM Episode 3 – Dave Richards

Ground Under:AM Episode 3 – Dave Richards

Dave Richards

Published on: 6/25/2015

While Chris is away, Dave will play. Chris is MIA this week so rather than doing a two-person round-table, Dave Richards is taking over with a special Ground Under: AM set featuring some really tasty fresh beats.

Track List

  1. Oxa (Original mix) — Dave Martins [Southpark Records]
  2. Jungledisco (DJ GrujA Remix) — Traveltech [Alpha Numeric Music]
  3. Purple Face (Original Mix) — Sami Wentz [Wentz Records]
  4. All You Have To Do (Original Mix) — Nopopstar feat. Nosta [Dear Deer]
  5. Nightdrive (Miguel Montez Remix) — Rikki [MK837]
  6. Overlord (Original Mix)  — Dave Richards [MK837]
  7. Box Me Out (Julien Sandre Remix) — Fog [Escapism Musique]
  8. Everybody Jump (Terrence Parker Deeep Detroit Heat Remix) — Coco Street & Deeflash [MK837]
  9. Trying (Original Mix) — Sebb Junior [Old School Department]
  10. A Future Beyond (Original Mix) — Raskal ]MK837]
  11. I’m Coming Down (Original Mix) — Netzik [MK837]
  12. We Are Ibiza Family (Similian) — Acosta Wink [Rezongar Music]
  13. Vamonos (Reiche Remix) — Francisco Samuel [MK837]
  14. Modus (Original Mix)Eu Bolos [Dear Deer]