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Ground Under: Episode 2 – Raving Sober and Burning Gear Lust

Ground Under: Episode 2 – Raving Sober and Burning Gear Lust

Deeflash, Dave Richards & Dj Raskal

Published on: June 11, 2015

Well, we made it to a second episode. Thanks to everyone who downloaded the first episode and gave us feedback. This time around, we’re taking sober ravers, a bad case of gear lust and a few other topics ranging from old tech in sci-fi films to the collapse of the EDM bubble and binge watching on Netflix. So sit back and enjoy.

Show Notes

Raving Sober

Media focus on the negative impact of EDM on quality music and the industry

Are shorter attention spans to blame for the rise of EDM?

“Yeah we live in this generation of kids that want this instant gratification with music. There is such a short attention span where people don’t want to actually sit and spend the time to listen to such a meditative style of music like techno. With EDM, it’s instant gratification with drops and big build-ups and breakdowns and all this s—.” – Moe, Drumcell (see link below)

Sonicstate does first look at Roland Modules and System-1M

Jeff Mills – Exhibitionist 2

Pick of the Week

Atlanta Events

Artist News

  • June 15th — Francisco Samuel / Vamanos  (with remixes by Reiche, IAMLOPEZ, and Miguel Montez)
  • June 29th — Netzik / I’m Coming Down
  • Coming Soon — Various Artists / Sounds of Summer 6


Last Minute Plugs

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As part of the Ground Under podcast, we want to have a bit of fun and we want you to be involved. We thought the podcast name leant itself well to a great theme driven fictional café.

Now that we have a name, we need a menu and we want your help us make it. In keeping with the theme, every drink, appetizer, entrée and dessert has to incorporate a DJ/producer’s name. You get extra points for actually making a recipe so we can actually make each item and try them on the show.

You can submit your recipe ideas on our Facebook page or below in the comments. Each show, we’ll feature at least one of your creations.

Here are our submissions for this episode:

  • Carl’s Shrimp Coxtail with Poached Sea Bass — submitted by Dave Richards
  • Green Velvet Cake — submitted by Chris Reiche
  • John Digweed Tea — submitted by Ronnie Rask


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