Demo Submission

Thanks for your interest in releasing your music with MK837.  We welcome your demo submission,  and be assured that our A&R Department listens to every track that comes our way.  Please use the form below to send us your tracks.

Here are some things to remember….

  1. Please do not send us links to Soundcloud pages without giving us specific tracks to listen to.  It gets a bit confusing,  and we have no idea of what tracks are signed or not.
  2. Using a private SoundCloud link is the best way to get your tracks to us.  It keeps your track and info inside one neat little bundle.
  3. Please be familiar with our label’s product before submitting.  We specialize in deep house, tech house, techno and occasionally breaks.
Demo Submission
If you have an electronic press kit, we'd love to see it.
We only accept private links to tracks and playlists on Soundcloud at this time.