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Our First Failed Viral Video

Nobody's perfect. We all know that. We just never expect the imperfection to shiny brightest in us. This was a quick video that Kevin shot Read more

22 March 2012 Video Read more

And Speaking of Cornerstone…

So, one of MK837's first releases was Explorer by Dave Richards. Here's a video shot by Deeflash at Cornerstone for it. Please notice that there Read more

21 March 2012 Video Read more

Dave and Kevin Arrive at Cornerstone 2011

I'm not sure how to classify this one exactly. It's "interesting" but yeah... totally insignificant. This is a video Kevin shot of the people who Read more

19 March 2012 Video Read more

Deeflash Preps for His Live PA

Deeflash made this video a few weeks prior to his performance at White As Snow 3. If you want to see how he pulled it Read more

16 March 2012 Video Read more

A Funny Thing Happened in the Meeting Last Night…

Ha! I remember this one! During the weekly meeting... every week for a month, Dave asked Kevin if this remix of Dima's Journey was going Read more

15 March 2012 Video Read more

I Love Your Beat

So I've been rummaging though Youtube to see what I could find about MK837 there. Well... apparently, Dave and the boyz have been lax in Read more

14 March 2012 Video Read more

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