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MK837 Presents… Sounds of Summer Volume 3

The waves crashing upon the shore. The sun beams down it’s shiny rays of awesome goodness. Ice Cream Sammiches and cool, refreshing lemonade fill our Read more

12 June 2012 Releases Read more

IRIS – City Lights EP

Night time in the city is usually defined by three things, people wandering from place to place, the noise of traffic and music and the Read more

31 May 2012 Releases Read more

Dave Richards – Come & Save Me

Ever had that lost and hopeless feeling? Does it follow you throughout the week? We all do. It’s annoying, but normal. Some call it Sunday Read more

1 May 2012 Releases Read more

Deeflash – Sunday Panic!

Chances are, your case of the “Mondays” starts on Sunday. For Deeflash, Sunday brings on a whole new level of terror, which he expresses in Read more

3 April 2012 Releases Read more

Chris Howland – Burn It Down & Fill Me Up

Mk837 continues on the fresh talent tip with newcomer Chris Howland’s track Burn It Down. You’ll wanna throw a match on it with the energetic, Read more

20 March 2012 Releases Read more

Deeflash – Sunday Panic! Remixes

Sunday Panic! strikes us all around 7pm every Sunday. This Sunday Panic! hits in April. To get a stress test out of the way, we’ve Read more

6 March 2012 Releases Read more

Rikki – From This to That

Rikki once again returns to MK837 with his first studio album. Building on his Adele’s Ep which hit the number five slot on iTunes dance Read more

7 February 2012 Releases Read more

Yons – Sweet Leech

Sweet Leech debuts on MK837 with a slamming tech house thriller called Yons. Truly blurring the line between tech house and techno, this release takes Read more

24 January 2012 Releases Read more

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