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New Release: Chemical Harmony – Memory Island

Chemical Harmony is the new venture of Brooks Williams (Retchid) and Alex Bedwell. Embracing everything that is nu disco, Chemical Harmony can best be summed up in one word: soul.

27 May 2014 News Read more

Let’s Help DJ Trancelott Get Back On His Feet!

I don’t do this very often, but there are times when someone close to our community is in dire need of help. This time around, Noel Sanger raised a person to my attention via Facebook. That person is Lance Hendrix aka DJ Trancelott.

27 May 2014 News Read more

Reiche & Richards Debut with Karin Park Remix

Producers Chris ‘Deeflash’ Reiche and Dave Richards debut their new collaboration project Reiche & Richards today with their entry to the Karin Park – Shine Read more

13 May 2014 News Read more

New Release: Rikki – Chinstroke

In true form, Rikki has once again included himself on a MK837 release. We’re not sure how he keeps getting back into our studios, but we’re never upset with the results.

13 May 2014 News Read more

New Release: micFreak – Feelin’ Love

Spring is in full bloom and micFreak is wafting over the airwaves once again. MK837 is proud to present ‘Feelin’ Love’, micFreak’s latest EP. From warm, lazy sounds of spring to harder hitting floor fillers, ‘Feelin’ Love’ is a perfect addition to your crate. Love is in the air. Don’t miss out.

29 April 2014 News Read more

New Release: Dave Richards – Soul

Stepping back in time, MK837 owner Dave Richards has finally stumbled on what he’s been missing all his life… a vocal diva from the 1970’s. Read more

15 April 2014 News Read more

MK837’s Exclusive T-Shirt for 2014

Last year if you participated in our crowdfunding project you had an opportunity to get a swanky MK837 t-shirt. This year, we’re working on a whole new design.

7 April 2014 News Read more

Underground & Soul Poster

This year, we’re going to give you another opportunity to invest in our future. We’re still working out all of the details, but here’s a sneak peak at one of the perks we’ll be offering.

1 April 2014 News Read more

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