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New Release: Silverfilter – Revival

Traveling back through time and space our hero of house and breaks Silverfilter heard a call. That call was for a revival – a revival Read more

17 August 2014 News Read more

Why MK837? w/ Silverfilter

Silverfilter is one of MK837’s newest artists. With one MK837 release under his belt with MK837 and another just around the corner, we’re proud to Read more

13 August 2014 News Read more

Why MK837? w/ Dave Richards

On Friday, August 1st, MK837 launched a crowdfunding effort with Kickstarter. The goal is to raise at least $3,000 to help cover the expenses which Read more

11 August 2014 News Read more

Bringing Soul to the Underground

For the past five years, MK837 has been bringing you some of the finest house and breaks on the market. If you’re reading this, chances Read more

3 August 2014 News Read more

Goodbye Antrim

We eventually came up with a crazy idea to do the reverse that we had done with MK837. Rather than starting the label and then acquire fans, we’d get the fans first and then start the label. Pure genius right? Yeah. So we apparently forgot about the importance of having a strong fan base prior to starting MK837.

11 July 2014 News Read more

Deeflash Presents Live & Whatevz 6

Sunday, June 13th DJ and producer Deeflash returns to Mixify with a new live stream from his posh studio in Poughkeepsie, NY.

8 July 2014 News Read more

New Release: Yoshida – Get Enough

Yoshida returns to MK837 after a rather long safari into the African wilds in search of some great sushi. Long story short, it turns out Read more

8 July 2014 News Read more

New Release: Sounds of Summer Retrospectives

We let Mark rummage through our archives once again. After a few steaks and debates regarding the politics of days gone by, Mark and the team finally settled on some of MK837s best summer tracks.

9 June 2014 News Read more

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