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Follow the Money

It happened to me again this past week. I was talking with a good friend of mine and they told me about how evil stores Read more

6 May 2013 Articles Read more

Spotting The Fakeness

We have all seen them. They’re usually the ones with the loudest voice. They’re bragging about how “blessed” they are with their current rate of Read more

25 April 2013 Articles Read more

Massive Attraction: Defeating Sweet Anonymity

So you’re making awesome tracks. You know every little production trick there out there. You have every Loopmasters soundpack ever made. You also happen to Read more

18 April 2013 Articles Read more

Fame without Passion Kills

Subtle Observations on Ultra Just about everyone who is into EDM is familiar with the Ultra Music Festival. This year, I’ve been keeping up with Ultra through Read more

11 April 2013 Articles Read more

Beatport’s Sale: Playin’ with the Numbers

Ever since Beatport’s sale was announced a few weeks ago, I’ve wanted to dig into the numbers a bit. I’m always curious about what could be found Read more

4 April 2013 Articles Read more

I’m Over It.

I think every DJ, the first time they ever get behind the decks, dreams of becoming the next big thing. They picture themselves standing in Read more

28 March 2013 Articles Read more

The Long Tail or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Spotify

Over a year ago, I became frustrated with the advent of streaming music. I was firmly in the camp that streaming royalties were totally shafting Read more

21 March 2013 Articles Read more

Charting Progress

I was asked late last night about our success as a label. The person specifically wanted to know what our charting history was like. I took that as a cue to rummage through our more recent releases. Here’s a list of what I found for the last year along with a few other points of interest.

24 February 2013 Articles Read more

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