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We’ve Turned 6 (Months)

Truthfully, we’re 7 months old. I just noticed that it had been at least 6 months since we started Antrim Digital. I posted the first Read more

21 October 2013 Articles Read more

Paris Hilton’s Latest Comes with a Twist

Let’s face it. The world has ended. Paris Hilton has a new song out. Hell must have frozen over while we were asleep on the Read more

14 October 2013 Articles Read more

Sundaze: the Best Day of the Week.

Barry “Rusty” Russell is the kind of guy who brings people together. Here’s an example. Here I am on the University of Alabama-Birmingham Green. It’s Read more

6 October 2013 Articles Read more

The Comments Session: Introduction

In an effort to help spread the music love, and tap the vast collective knowledge music knowledge of the internet, I decided to start something Read more

30 September 2013 Articles Read more

Rave 2.0 – Maybe Henry Rollins Was Right….

I’ve been doing this since 1995. I’ve seen a lot of things come and go in my time. I witnessed the revival of dance music, Read more

23 September 2013 Articles Read more

Silverfilter: House, Breaks, Techno and the Sound of Manila

Silverfilter may not be a name you’re familiar with, but he’s been making the rounds in the Philippines for a while now. With multiple releases Read more

16 September 2013 Articles Read more

Molly’s Revenge

Friends, it’s about time we have a talk. It’s a touchy subject. It’s a preachy subject. It’s one that’s close to the heart of the Read more

2 September 2013 Articles Read more

Paris Hilton and the Unexpected Weapon of Choice

Paris Hilton. It’s the one name that makes almost every wannabe-pro DJ shudder. How dare that dumb blonde – who’s name became a household phenomenon Read more

12 August 2013 Articles Read more

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