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Supercharge Your Soundcloud Page for Sending Demos: Part 1

To state the obvious, as a label owner I tend to receive demos. One of the best things in the past ten years in regards to demo submissions has been Soundcloud. Prior to Soundcloud, A&R guys would dread opening their emails to find they had to download hundreds of megabytes of MP3s every morning. Prior to that, there was a stack of un-solicited, un-opened mailed in CDRs.

2 June 2014 Articles Read more

Boosting Beatport

So “something” must have happened over at Beatport recently. Normally, they don’t make statements regarding the validity of their charts. This week however, Beatport has Read more

16 May 2014 Articles Read more

Seen and Not Heard

How to start defeating the social media noise problem.

18 February 2014 Articles Read more

Daft Punk and the Grammys

Daft Punk has won five Grammys this year, but have they truly changed electronic music as the critics have claimed?

1 February 2014 Articles Read more

Paris is a Better DJ than You

I know you’re laughing. I’d love to have a good laugh myself, but I can’t. I’m actually not happy to say that “Paris Hilton is Read more

16 January 2014 Articles Read more

Happy New Year. The End is Near.

I’ll be upfront. This will piece will be a bit cynical. My personal background is pretty far from finance, but like most of us who Read more

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Deeflash’s Studio Update – Part 1

Here is an introduction to a new series documenting the process of building my studio for production, mixing, mastering and video streaming.

18 December 2013 Articles Read more

Maschine 2 – Browser

Let’s take a quick look at the new revamped Browser in Maschine 2 along with it’s integration with Maschine’s hardware.

13 December 2013 Articles Read more

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