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Getting Stereo Audio into your iPhone for Facebook Live

Since Facebook launched their live video capabilities, your stream has probably been filled with live performances and you’ve been filled with a desire to do one yourself. The problem has always been getting stereo audio properly into your iPhone.

16 January 2017 Articles Read more

MK837’s Year End Review

By any measure, MK837 has had a rebirth of sorts with release after release charting, radio and Internet play and more. Let’s take a quick look at a few of these accomplishments.

30 December 2016 Articles Read more

In The Studio: Francisco Samuel

This week marks the release of his first single, Vamonos, on MK837. IAMLOPEZ, Miguel Montez and Reiche round off the single with their remixes.

16 June 2015 Articles Read more

In the Club: Goshen Sai

Goshen Sai recently released his first single with MK837. Learn more about him in Mark the Winged Lion’s recent interview with him.

8 June 2015 Articles Read more

In The Club: Rikki

This week, we asked Rikki a bit about how he feel in love with house music and his experience as a DJ.

18 May 2015 Articles Read more

In The Studio: Rikki

We sat down with Rikki this month to catch his thoughts on producing.

4 May 2015 Articles Read more

In The Scene: Raskal

Raskal and Mark the Winged Lion site down one last time and hash out Raskal’s history with the Atlanta club scene.

27 April 2015 Articles Read more

Featured Release: Ibiza Opening Party, Vol. 2

This month’s featured release is a great Ibiza house compilation release last year on Baci Recordings.

22 April 2015 Articles Read more

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