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A Solution for the Hybrid DJ Setup with RekordBox

Since writing about RekordBox’s lack of midi support a few weeks back, I’ve put a fair amount of effort into finding a more flexible and accurate hardware solution. The good news is that I found a few of them.

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MK837’s Long Tail

I keep pretty close track of MK837’s sales, but this weekend I decided to review our top sellers for the year so far. What I found were a handful of older tracks and releases were still selling quite well by our standards. It looks like we have a long tail.

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Faith Massive: From Spiritual High to Yoshida

You may not have heard of Joey Davis, the man behind Yoshida, before. For me, I’ve been following his music career for about twenty years now. Take a walk with me down memory lane as we celebrate his latest release.

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Rekordbox Has a Problem When It Comes to Hybrid Dj Setups

I’m putting together a hybrid DJ setup, but I won’t be using Rekordbox and I’d really like to. Is a midi clock really too much to ask for?

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Demo Basics: Part II – Soundcloud

Dave Richards returns to talk about how to effectively use Soundcloud as part of your demo strategy in the second part of his series on demos.

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Demo Basics: Part I – Goals, Relationships and Knowledge

Creating an effective demo can be a challenge. This series should be able to help you make a rock solid demo that will help get your music signed. Today we’ll discuss some high-leve topics like goals, relationships and knowledge.

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The Importance of Appreciation

A few months ago, I was doubting several things about my own productions and the label. I needed a reminder of just why I was still trying to push on music when my life is jam packed with other family life issues, a day job with a long commute and more. During this time, I received an email from a fan and that was all I needed to snap out of my funk.

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The Importance of Perseverance

We’ve all been there. We all know the struggle. We know what it feels like to wonder if anybody cares about our music. We create. Read more

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