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Sundaze: the Best Day of the Week.

Barry “Rusty” Russell is the kind of guy who brings people together. Here’s an example. Here I am on the University of Alabama-Birmingham Green. It’s Read more

6 October 2013 Articles Read more

Rave 2.0 – Maybe Henry Rollins Was Right….

I’ve been doing this since 1995. I’ve seen a lot of things come and go in my time. I witnessed the revival of dance music, Read more

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Rave 2.0 – The Lost Art of Subtlety: Beatport and the Beast

I was recently looking over an article on another blog about a song on Beatport called “Epic Mashleg” by Daleri. The Swedish duo took the Read more

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Curation and Creation

I was having a discussion the other day with a friend of mine. We were talking about the current state of Electronic Music, and how Read more

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Massive Attraction: Defeating Sweet Anonymity

So you’re making awesome tracks. You know every little production trick there out there. You have every Loopmasters soundpack ever made. You also happen to Read more

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I’m Over It.

I think every DJ, the first time they ever get behind the decks, dreams of becoming the next big thing. They picture themselves standing in Read more

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Rave 2.0-The DJMag Top 100: Who Cares?

Every year, starting around the end of June, my Facebook page gets assaulted by endless requests for me to go vote for someone in the Read more

22 October 2012 Articles Read more

Weekend Maneuvers Episode 4

We’re back after a bit of a summer break. It’s been an exciting summer so far with lots of good music released on mk837. I’d Read more

31 July 2012 News Read more

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