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Broken Arrow – Episode 8 – Deep Dementure

Episode 8 of Broken Arrow has arrived! We have a sweet deep house mix from Deep Dementure featuring some really smooth tracks to compliment his own original tracks.

3 June 2011 News Read more

Beatport Exclusive! Ben Moore – It’s Been A While

Ben Moore comes to MK837 with the smashing progressive single “It’s Been A While”. Drawing on several classic elements of progressive house and fusing them with a bit of tech, “It’s Been A While” is a track to be on the lookout for. On remix duty we have a lovely Kevin Oneel breaks mix and a progressive house mix by Shelby Callaway.

26 May 2011 News Read more

Broken Arrow – Episode 7 – Deeflash

Broken Arrow is now 7 episodes along and this time around it’s Deeflash’s turn to provide a mix for you to enjoy. We’ve got a sweet mix of tech and progressive house tracks that will kick off this weekend right!

6 May 2011 News Read more

Beatport Exclusive! Deeflash – Whatevz EP

Deeflash drops another stellar EP with the attitude of a defiant penguin on MK837 and dives headlong into a world of breaks, tech house and progressive music that expands the mind as well as the soul.

29 April 2011 News Read more

Beatport Exclusive! Shelby Callaway – Take That!

Nothing hurts more than a sucker punch to the gut and nothing feels better than giving an upper cut right back. Shelby Callaway nails this concept on a deep and musical level with “Take That” a wild ride on fight night that keeps the crowd jumping and wanting more.

13 April 2011 News Read more

Broken Arrow – Episode 6 – Shelby Callaway

Shelby Callaway is tearing up the place with his mix for Broken Arrow’s 6th Episode! Shelby is known for his love of Trance music and his great mixes and productions. Releasing tracks previously under the name DJ Ellipse, Shelby is now making a new name for himself releasing some killer Trance and Progressive House tracks that would be a great fit in any peak hour mix.

1 April 2011 News Read more

New Release! Family Favorites

MK837 is officially 1 year old and we decided the best way to celebrate is to compile a a collection of some of our favorite tracks remixed by some of our favorite artists. Family Favorites features some of the great talent of MK837, Craig Williams, Dave Richards, Decktonic, Deeflash , Dima, J&M, Kevin Oneel, Michael Montez, Netzik, Reid K, and Tribesman and a previously unreleased track – Digital Reaction by Dirty Delay.

1 April 2011 News Read more

New Release! Decktonic – Midnight

From the heart of New York City comes Decktonic. As a DJ/producer, Decktonic shows his love of all things retro and new. A chip musician at heart, Decktonic’s studio utilizes everything from the latest synths, digital workstations, to your favorite 8-bit retro machine and his trusty Nintendo DS.

15 March 2011 News Read more

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