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VS on Proton Radio (February 22, 2017)

We’re had yet another sighting of Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov’s Night Wanderer. Originally released late last year, Dmitry’s Night Wanderer has had a steady stream of support.

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Demo Basics: Part II – Soundcloud

Dave Richards returns to talk about how to effectively use Soundcloud as part of your demo strategy in the second part of his series on demos.

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JDR – Retweak Radio Episodio 015 Guest Mix Samuel Zamora

MK837’s Samuel Zamora provided the guest mix for a recent episode of Retweak Radio. Tune in now and check out the archive.

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B.T.B. ~ Moody Essentials VOL 11

Blue Tone Boy returns with another stellar set. This time around, he’s featuring Francisco Samuel’s upcoming Lucid Dreams (Tonal Grooves Deep Sleep Remix).

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DJ HMC Club Vibez Radio (Episode 228 Friday 3rd March 2017)

Emma Ruggers’ latest was featured this past weekend on Club Vibes Radio. DJ HMC dropped Francisco Samuel’s remix on his weekly show. You can catch the archive below and please thank DJ HMC for supporting us.

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Demo Basics: Part I – Goals, Relationships and Knowledge

Creating an effective demo can be a challenge. This series should be able to help you make a rock solid demo that will help get your music signed. Today we’ll discuss some high-leve topics like goals, relationships and knowledge.

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Dave Richards on GroundUnder Live

Dave Richards took to the wheels of plastic on Facebook on Friday from MK837’s studios. You can check out the archive and tracklist below.

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Blue Tone Boy’s Music Mindscapes VOL 34

Our friend Blue Tone Boy recently featured Emma Ruggers new track on his latest mix. Check out this massive mix of house and techno.

22 February 2017 Mixes Read more

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