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Rekordbox Has a Problem When It Comes to Hybrid Dj Setups

I’m putting together a hybrid DJ setup, but I won’t be using Rekordbox and I’d really like to. Is a midi clock really too much to ask for?

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As Melhores Músicas Eletrônicas Cristã Do Momento ((Mixagem DJ T – AC))

We’re always happy when our artists are recognized for their talent. This mix showcases Chris Howland’s Worship as well as tracks from other MK837 artists Samuel Zamora and Goshen Sai. Thanks DJ T-AC.

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DJ HMC Club Vibez Radio (Episode 234)

We return once again to Club Vibez Radio where DJ HMC features some stellar tracks from FETT Records as well as one of our own. Read more

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DJ HMC Club Vibez Radio (Episode_232 Friday 31st March 2017 )

Yet another MK837 track has been featured on DJ HMC’s weekly show on Club Vibez Radio. This time it was Vilas Monnappa’s Triangle. Check out the archive here and Vilas’ track.

9 April 2017 Mixes Read more

B.T.B. ~ Moody Essentials VOL 12

The wonders of the Internet never cease. We found an EXTREMELY early preview of Tonal Grooves’ next release in this Blue Tone Boy mix. Check it out and enjoy.

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Tonal Grooves Live Stream

Tonal Grooves took to the book of faces yesterday and delivered a stunning mix. Check out the archive and be sure to follow him on Facebook.

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B.T.B. ~ ” Audio Extraction ” VOL 26 * Sound Barrier *

Blue Tone Boy shows his support for Vilas Monnappa’s Shapes Ep with this new set. Catch Vilas’ Square right here.

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One Last Tapestry (Again)

Looks like Reiche & Preacherman decided to go for one last Tapestry streaming event before Reiche’s big move. Check out this great back 2 back hybrid Read more

22 March 2017 Video Read more

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