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Tapestry: Episode 1 – Deeflash & Preacherman Bring the Live Stream

Deeflash and Preacherman have started something new in the Hudson Valley. They’ve started a monthly live broadcast of some of the best tech house, techno Read more

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Deeflash & Preacherman Presents… Tapestry

A LIVE Streaming Event from the Hudson Valley Just as the artisan interlaces colored weft thread [wool,cotton, silk, gold, or silver] to create a colorful Read more

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Kevin Oneel – Government is the Problem

Kevin Oneel isn’t one to shy away from politics or blame. Like any good self-respecting American, nothing can be his fault. We’ve learned this from Read more

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Regarding Kevin Oneel’s “Government Is The Problem”

I like story telling pieces and so this one naturally grabbed me. – Preacher Man

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MK837 is Now on Heaven Sound Music

We’re proud to announce today that our entire catalog is now available on Heaven Sound Music.

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Deeflash’s Devices

Deeflash has started a new video tutorial series on Abelton Live devices and racks.

11 September 2012 Video Read more

The Sync Button

Pioneer dropped a bombshell this week with their announcement of the CDJ-2000nexus. Well, it’s not so much of a bombshell to the rest of us Read more

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Regarding J&M’s “Masks”

“‘Hurt Me’ is the strongest track in the release, nice work on that one.” – Joel Armstrong

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