Enquirers of the unknown and lovers of the underground, your search ends here with MK837. Since 2010, we have made it our quest to be purveyors of quality electronic dance music, encouragers of new and upcoming artists and a label based on a solid moral foundation.

MK837, pronounced “Mark Eight Thirty-seven”, is rooted in the idea that selling out isn’t the way to win friends and influence people. We don’t deliver empty, soulless music. There’s already enough of that on the market today. We deliver music with meat on the bones. Prime rib is what we aim for with every release. After all, what can a man give in exchange for his soul? This is why we don’t settle for less than quality music from artists who express true creativity and why we treat our artists with the respect and dignity they deserve.


Who Is Behind MK837

David Richardson (Dave Richards / Redsavior / Tribesman)
Label Manager

Based in Atlanta, Ga, Dave is a behind the scenes veteran with more than fourteen years of experience. He has functioned not just as a producer and a DJ, but as a promoter, online magazine editor and career advisor for many upcoming artists. Running a label is something that comes naturally to Dave and he is always focused first on the artist’s needs first.

Christopher Reiche (Deeflash / Reiche)
Co-Founder & Former A&R

Chris hails from Poughkeepsie, NY. Over the years, he has played keyboards for various local bands and has learned to approach production with a focus on live performance rather than simply DJing. Of late, Chris has focused on creating a solid live performance and becoming a mastering engineer. Chris’ ears and mind are sharp and he is able to provide constructive criticism that improves everything MK837 releases.

Chris moved to Atlanta in 2017 and has moved on from MK837. He currently works with Ronnie “Raskal” Rask at their new label Southern Exposure Music. There’s some really great stuff there, so be sure to check them out.

Kevin Neely (Kevin Oneel)
Co-Founder, Currently Resting in Peace

Kevin was the third founder of MK837. He was also the one with the greatest sense of humor and the most compassion. Kevin would go out of his way to ensure that people’s needs were taken care of. He always had the time to listen to your problems and to offer the tough solution when necessary. Kevin was the lovable goof ball that you always wanted around. He was also wise beyond his years when it came to the music industry and some of the biggest names in electronic music and the nerdcore held him in the highest respect. Sadly, Kevin passed away in late 2013. MK837 hasn’t been the same since and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about him and his impact on our lives.

Mark the Winged Lion

Mark is our spunky tech-savvy winged lion. Why a winged lion? Why not? Winged lions are cool. Besides, who gonna mess with us with him as our mascot? I mean… Mark could probably rip you to shreds and fly your body to the moon before supper.

Actually, Mark is an obvious nod to the label’s name. The symbolism though comes from the early Christian church. Back in those days, each of the four Gospels was given a symbol and the symbol for the Gospel of Mark was a winged lion. So, there you go.

Mark, by the way, loves anything made from meat. If you ever want to thank him for the long hours he puts in, just send him a brisket or something wrapped in bacon… or prime rib. You can never have enough prime rib.