A Plea from the Small Labels to DJs Everywhere

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Just about every day, I do a search for DJ sets that feature MK837 artists and tracks.  One thing that I love to do is repost them on our site and share them out with our fans. Right now, unless a set is posted on Soundcloud, it’s hard to find them.

What Soundcloud Gets Right

Let’s start out first by saying Soundcloud does not want DJ sets on their site. This is mostly due to copyright issues, especially now that they have monetization. Besides the disk space and bandwidth issues they bring, they really don’t want to get sued by the major labels. Their methods for handling these issues hasn’t really enhanced anybody’s love of them and well, they may not be here next year.

What they are getting right though is this: they will let artists/DJs post copious notes about their uploads and makes the notes searchable. This allows labels to do a few quick searches to locate sets that feature their artists and then help promote them. I can literally head to Soundcloud and do my searches in about 5 minutes. It’s glorious. I can’t do that with Mixcloud though.

What Mixcloud Gets Wrong

Let’s start out here by saying, this is where your DJ sets SHOULD be. In fact, Mixcloud even has a Soundcloud importer to simplify this process. They have amazing tools to identify the tracks in sets and then link them back to Junodowload to encourage sales.  They have a few other features that are nice, but ultimately, Mixcloud understands DJs. The problem is they’re still hampered by the same things Soundcloud is. They’ve just handled things differently.

In short, do to similar legal constraints, Mixcloud provides listeners with tracklists on mobile devices, if you know where to look. On desktop devices though, only the currently playing track is displayed. This essentially means that there is no way for a label to quickly identify who has been playing their music. This is further complicated by the fact that Mixcloud doesn’t make tracklists searchable. So a label can’t even search to see if someone is playing their music.

All these limits are to obscure them from the prying eyes of major label lawyers. Meanwhile, many small labels who just want to see who’s playing their music, we’re left out in the cold.

We need your help.

It all comes down to this: small labels depend on you tagging them when you play their music.

I know it takes extra effort to tag every artist or label on a mix in your social media, but that lets us know that you really do like our music and appreciate it. It also helps us to better connect with you and to help promote you in your efforts.

Here at MK837, we have a page showcasing the mixes, interviews and more that feature our artists. We also send out a monthly email to our fans to let them know who’s playing MK837 tracks. Lastly, we tend to push these mixes out through social media as well.

In the end, we want to help you, help us to help you, help us or something like that. If you don’t let us know that you’re playing our music, we can’t let others know that your well… playing our music. All I really know is that technology and our legal system tends to work against the small guys in the scene as is usually the case.

Anyway, thanks for taking time out to read this and thanks in advance for letting us know where we can find your sets.