Roberts Theme – Atmospherian (Julio 2017)

Roberts Theme of Spain, just posted an amazing mix of a blend of deep house, techno and other electronica. Featured toward the end of the set is Make It Hot (Epic Part Duex) by Dave Richards. Don’t miss out on this great set.


  1. AnonymFlash G and the Furious Bassheads
  2. TraceyEarthrise
  3. KrankbrotherDreamscape
  4. Antonio CitarellaBlack Sunset (Marten Sundberg Remix)
  5. Joal, OtrantoPolygon
  6. Ron SPterasaur
  7. Nick HöppnerBox Drop
  8. Nick HöppnerStill
  9. Cli-N-Tell2030 (Blotnik Brothers Remix)
  10. Adolfo VelayosNothing to Do (Milford Remix)
  11. Justin BerkoviUpward
  12. HoboWhiptrack
  13. QbicalPresent Day
  14. Clement MagikElysia (Tevatron Remix)
  15. MazepaCass Corridor
  16. Dave RichardsMake It Hot (Epic Part Duex)
  17. Mark ForshawFurther
  18. EchoplexThis Is My Techno Melody
  19. PhoenixRise Up 20 (Fotn Remix)
  20. DeasTransistor
  21. DubiositySubornation of Perjury
  22. 3kzFinale

Featured Track: