A Year of Tonal Grooves

A lot can be said about the persistent man. In the end, it is not the one who gives up who wins, but the one who kept pushing through no matter what. This is clearly at the base of Tonal Grooves’ character. We have rarely seen an artist explode with quality releases like this man.

Over the last year, Tonal Grooves has had at least one release every… single… month. Thirteen releases in all to be exact. Yes, that includes a couple of compilation re-releases, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that what he’s doing is pay off and getting him noticed.

Word to the wise, keep your eye on this man.

Anyway, that that was said for this. Tonal Grooves has posted a set in celebrating his thirteen releases. We’re featuring that set here today. We hope that you enjoy it.


  1. Deeper Feeling (DJ Lucent & Tonal Grooves Remix) – Francisco Samuel [Funktrap Records]
  2. Space Taste (Original Mix) – DJ Lucent & Tonal Grooves [MK837]
  3. There It Is (Original Mix) DJ Lucent & Tonal Grooves [MK837]
  4. Sky Dub (Original Mix) Tonal Grooves [MK837]
  5. Iberica (Original Mix) DJ Comstock & Tonal Grooves [Afro Deep]
  6. Directive Prime (Tonal Grooves Deep Space Mix) Raskal [Southern Exposure Music]
  7. Lucid Dreams (Tonal Grooves Deep Sleep Mix) Francisco Samuel [MK837]
  8. People Underground (Tonal Grooves Deep Tech Dub) Netzik [MK837]
  9. Brighter Days (Tonal Grooves Space Tech Remix) – Deep Technicians [Rebellious]
  10. Increase the Frequency (Original Mix) Tonal Grooves [Southern Exposure Music]
  11. Ghost Guitar (Original Mix) DJ Comstock & Tonal Grooves [Afro Deep]
  12. Power Chord (Original Mix) DJ Comstock & Tonal Grooves [Afro Deep]

Featured Tracks: