Peter Cruch’s Christmas Mix

Peter Cruch is back with an unexpected Christmas mix. In it, he featured what has become an MK837 fan favorite: Netzik – People Underground (Tonal Grooves Deep Tech Dub). Released in early 2017, this remix keeps popping up everywhere.  We’re glad that it’s held its ground all year and can’t wait to see what comes from Tonal Grooves and Netzik next year.


  1. The Gate (Stereo Underground Bootleg) – Bjork
  2. Shushumiga – DJ Diass
  3. Decon – Serigo Sergi
  4. Loving Disco (Bluetech Remix) – Cristian Poow
  5. People Underground (Tonal Grooves Deep Tech Dub) – Netzik
  6. Ghostsound on the Spot
  7. Prepare for Takeoff (Twitchin Skratch Mix) – Rhythmc
  8. Onde – Peter Cruch
  9. Profound Blonda (Unofficial Heinrich & Heinrich remix) – Shloami x Coyu
  10. Trail – Marc Hafner ft. Klangschwester
  11. Angora – Peter Cruch

Featured Track: