Behind the Music: Dave Richards “Do You Know Him?”

Years ago, I heard this track by Scott Blackwell. It was a crazy house track with a sick preacher sample. To this day, I can’t get that sample out of my head. It’s there ALL THE TIME… “I… I… wonder if you know him. YEAH!!!! That’s my king!”

The sermon was by Dr. S.M. Lockridge. The audio is the ending from one of his sermons given more than 25 years ago. Maybe longer. I have no idea when it was recorded, although it was most likely sometime between 1953 and 1993. I did find the full sermon, so if you haven’t heard “That’s My King” before, you should check it out.

Lockridge died in 2000 or as his church’s website says, “he entered heaven”.

All that said… I finally took the time to create my own take on this great sermon. It’s out this week on Beatport and Spotify. Feel free to check it out and support the release.