Dave Richards’ Latest Album is Out Now!

It’s been several years now since I last released an album. And to be honest, this release was never intended to be an album.

Running a label is hard work. Anybody who has at least started down this road knows it. For the label owner to also be one of the artists, that means the label takes priority or you don’t have a label.

Strangest of Days is really a collection of tracks that were either finished or nearly finished over the course of the last two years. Either I didn’t have time to put the final spit and polish on them or there simply wasn’t an opening in the release schedule. Things kinda cleared up this year and everything simply flowed together. I guess that’s how art works anyway. It’s not the planning that makes something beautiful, but rather the broken chaos of the project. Remembering that keeps you honest as an artist.

Here’s what some of the tastemakers have said about the album so far:

  • “Very good release! Dark vibes, Deeper and Atmos my favs! Thanks!”
    Franco Tejedor (stellar fountain records / massive harmony records / underground music records / balkan conenection )
  • “More excellent work from Label Boss Dave Richards. He paints a broad soundscape and digs into his signature sounds. I will be fully supporting this mini LP!”
    Tonal Grooves (afro acid / mk837 / Southern Exposure Music)
  • “Dope sounds and lots of lush work.”
    Paul Cook (Musicbox Therapy Radio Show on Fnoob Techno Radio)
  • “Wow, some awesome tracks on this Album from Dave Richards! Atmos is a trip into deep space Techno, do you know him is synthesis jam! Strangest of Days is a class act of unique Tech electronic beats …great album of cool Fusion tracks!”
    Blue Tone Boy (lad recording & publishing / syndikick records uk / dusk records london)
  • “A nice showcase of a great talent, some classy traxx!”
    Tariq Ziyad (unity fm / radio youthology /
  • “Several cool tunes in this release, thanks for sending.”
    – Giovanni della Piuma (Ypslon Deep / Incense Records)
  • “Really digging Dark Vibes and Why Are You Here.”
    Reiche (afro acid / trike records / straight up! / mk837)

For those keeping track, this is also MK837’s 150th release. How we made it this far has been nothing short of kicking and screaming. Even this year, I wanted to pack things up and close shop. I had every intention to make this the last release. I do think we’ll slow our release schedule down a bit, but we’re not going away any time soon.

Anyway, please check out Strangest of Days. You can even get the title track for free if you’d like. If you like the release, please add your favorite tracks to your playlists on Spotify and Youtube, tell your friends and of course, buy the album. Every sale helps me to push forward.


Dave R