DJ VI In The Mix – 1117 Session

Recently, Raskal’s Souls on Fire ended up on a German trance mix from DJ Vi. It’s a special take on it as well since the mix is running at 134 BPM.


  1. 3 DAYS (Original Mix) Energy DJ
  2. BOUNCE APPROACHING (DJ VI Mashup Mix Edit)Ronzono & SeMja feat. DJ X-Verse
  3. OH SH*TJoe Gonzalez (in the mix with track 02 and 04)
  4. HEAVENS ETERNITY (DJ VI Mix Edit)Northlake feat. JohannSebastian
  5. 7 TIMES (Demo Mix)Michele Postler
  6. BABABAM BREAKING BEDOUIN (DJ VI Mashup Mix Edit)SXOP feat. Death By Synth
  7. FORCE OF MELODY (Sparkling Digital Mix)Dale Chambers (in the mix with Trance 2014 by DJ Atia)
  8. TWENTY-TENMarc Burt (in the mix with Trance 2014 by DJ Atia)
  9. DAJALabsounds (in the mix with track 10)
  10. SOULS ON FIRERaskal (in the mix with track 11)
  11. BREATHE – Ray Vs feat. Veela
  12. A9 HIGHWAY TO HELL (DJ VI Mashup Mix Edit)Technetikum feat. AC/DC
  13. BEYOND THE LIGHTS (Extended Mix)DJ Roland Prielozny feat. Aly & Fila
  14. TOMS AUTUMN (DJ VI’s “Suzi” Dancemix Edit)Ian Fever & Almi feat. Suzanne Vega