In The Studio: Francisco Samuel

Francisco is a New York based DJ/Producer with a very unique music selection from various styles ranging from techno, tech house, house (jackin’, deep, and tribal). Francisco’s music is infused with deep dark beats, Latin percussion, melodic vocals, and spoken word.

You first heard what Francisco could do in May of this year with his remix of Everybody Jump. This week marks the release of his first single, Vamonos, on MK837. IAMLOPEZ, Miguel Montez and Reiche round off the single with their remixes.

Mark the Winged Lion took a moment out of his busy schedule of grilling meat to check in with Francisco and learn a bit more about his background and influences.

Mark: How did you first get into producing music?

Francisco: I first got the bug after realizing how much music is all around me. Originally being a DJ, I was always thinking of a beat, what I would do with a certain sound or phrase heard out and about. I found myself having so many ideas finally, I wanted to realize them by making music. I also recognize that Production is the way to separate yourself from the rest and not just be another “DJ”. After a reassuring nudge from my good buddy Chris, started to working on music.

Mark:  What is your biggest struggle as a producer?

Francisco: I am very critical of my own music. I always say to myself “It’s Done, Don’t, Don’t touch it, leave it alone,” I’m pretty sure everyone who makes music has this problem. I have multiple versions of ideas, stuff I’ve started and didn’t finish, and several versions of the save tracks and concepts I’ve been working on with various different beats, baselines, etc.

Mark: What have you yet to master?

Francisco: As a DJ it’s important to define your personal style and sound. For me, the same stands for production as well as having an established direction. Making sure its “me” you are hearing regardless if it’s a house, tech house, techno track that’s the thing that I will always find difficult. As a fairly new producer, I want to make sure that when you hear the music that you can tell it’s me. I guess it’s a huge snowball effect of being so critical, but I always try to remain true to myself.

Mark: What first drew you to electronic music?

Francisco: I enjoyed House music since I was a kid. Todd Terry’s “Bango to the Batmobile” was the first track I heard around when I was about six years old. Growing up I was always into everything but had way more love for house music. All of my buddies back in the day thought it was kinda weird accept for a handful that I “Converted”. I started DJing when I was about 16 primarily Latin music I would always squeeze in some Latin House into my nights that was big growing up and just reinforced my love for Electronic Music.

Mark: Did you start out as a fan or did you just instantly decide that you wanted to be a DJ (or Producer)?

Francisco: Djing was always kind of a hobby even before I got some real equipment. I’m a fan of music and loved to share it. I needed to have the latest song, rare find, and unheard music. I was always making mixtapes for every occasion, handing music out to family and friends all the time. The major turning point was when my parents bought a social club Called the HideOut, they realized how much I loved music, play music everything music! I guess as a result, they Invested in equipment for me to DJ parties at the HideOut.

Mark: What drew you into making your own music?

Francisco: It was a combination of all of the influences and wanting to create my own. Always thinking of mash-ups and little additives to songs I guess it was the next natural step in creativity. It’s addicting once you have the ability to make people dance to a track you created and worked hard on, it’s a good sense of accomplishment.

Mark: Where do you see the scene going as a whole?

Francisco: I see the scene going in many different directions as a whole. I feel the label “EDM” electronic dance music can be all inclusive once you fully understand the definition. Its the music of our time stemming from disco, hip-hop, a lot of places. Being realistic though, I feel electro/progressive music introduces the younger generation into the scene either for the right or wrong reasons and that style is what’s marketable. But what happens is, people are open to hearing other variations of music styles. And being in the industry to me that’s the point, to share music and make people happy. If you listen, more and more music sound more like House. on another side, I lived in the scene as a DJ first, now there there are so many djs out there, skills, and some real talent that’s out there, has taken a back seat and it has become more about bringing in people which is understandable from a business stand point. Now you see more DJ’s becoming producers to distinguish themselves from others.

Mark: What about the underground?

Francisco: We’ve been in a Techno Phase now, more aggressive stuff, and maybe we are getting back to more underground roots which I think is fantastic. But for me, its import to recognize that everything really stems from house music. I think some people tend to forget that and don’t give other genres a chance, thus failing to hear something truly inspiring by limiting your preference to one genre.  I want to see more people about the music like it used to be and not about the “Scene”.

Mark: Which do you feel like you really belong to?

Francisco: I’m DJ that’s becoming more of a Producer every day, but always remaining Underground. Making people dance is what I love to do and I get that from djing, but when you can play your own music for crowds and see them react positively…  Now that’s a feeling only producers can understand and that’s a great feeling.