In the Club: Goshen Sai

Last week Goshen Sai’s first release entitled “Oh Lord!” on MK837 hit Beatport. Goshen has several other releases on Deepsink Digital and lately has been taken under the wing of Kenneth Thomas. Add on his local radio show in Atlanta, Underground Revival, and you have the full package – a DJ and producer who is a hundred percent fan, passionate about the scene itself and true to the music in his heart.

Mark the Winged Lion had him over one day for some freshly seasoned and grilled T-bone steaks. Here’s a bit of their conversation.

Mark: How did you fall in love with electronic music?

Goshen: As a child made in the 80’s I loved 80’s and 90’s dance anthems, but trip hop groups like Massive Attack and Sneakerpimps drew me in to being more than a fan. The fusion of organic and electronic did something in my heart that I can’t explain. As I explored the electronic genres of the 90’s, I stumbled upon electronica artists like The Prodigy, Underworld, Leftfield, Moby, Orb, Orbital, and BT – and that was it. I was hooked. Some might laugh, but the first two Hackers soundtracks (1996 & 1997) were probably the most influential albums in my falling in love with electronic music.

Mark: Did you start out as a fan or did you just instantly decide that you wanted to be a DJ/Producer?

Goshen: I was singing and playing saxophone at an early age, so music was already part of my lifeblood. As soon as I found this sound that awoke a part of me, I set my heart on making it. It took a few years to start that process, but I began composing EDM in the late 90’s, and beginning to DJ shortly after in 2000.

Mark: What is your biggest struggle as a producer? What have you yet to master?

Goshen: My biggest struggle is keeping up with the constant changes in technology, and finding time to produce. When I first started in the late 90’s there were no YouTube tutorials. You had to actually pay to go to classes, and there were only a few DAWs to choose from. Now I have a wife and kids, and work other jobs that consume a lot of my time. I have a lot of technical skills to learn in production, as my tools keep evolving. I have a wife and kids who really support me though, so one day I should reach my goals (but by then I’ll have new ones, ha!).

Mark: How often do you play out and where can we find your schedule?

Goshen: As of this year I’m playing about once a month. I’m normally in Atlanta or the Southeast, but I just got back from a gig in Detroit during the Detroit Electronic Music Festival which was a breath of fresh air. The best way to find my schedule is either my Facebook or Soundcloud pages.

Mark: What has been the strangest club/rave that you’ve played at?

Goshen: I hate to confess this, but there’s been a few so it’s hard to choose from! Around 2001 I played at a drum&bass/jungle party. At the time I was strictly a trance DJ. I’m not sure how I got a slot at this event, but needless to say I was a bit nervous being the only trance DJ at a bass party. I picked my hardest vinyl, and surprisingly I got a crazy good response from the whole crowd. I don’t think I’ll try that again, though.

Mark: If you had to start all over again, what would you do differently?

Goshen: I’d manage my time better. You never know how fleeting time is until you start a family. Being a present, engaged, and involved father is really important to me, so now I wish I had taken advantage of the hours I wasted before.

Mark: What is the story behind this single?

Goshen: This track was actually produced somewhere around 2008. It was in an unfinished state as I was producing it in Sony ACID Pro, when suddenly my master file went missing. I got a hacker friend to scour my computer, but he said there wasn’t a trace of it. At the time it was my favorite track I had produced, and I literally cried when he told me he couldn’t recover the ACID file. All I had was a bounced audio file from the last version of the master file. A few years ago I ran the exported audio file I still had through Logic Pro, and tried to polish what I had to work with. I’m glad I did, as I still get a great response whenever I drop this song live.