Raskal on Call

Running a label is a tough job. It’s even more tough when the owners of the label have full-time jobs, families and about a dozen other commitment. Despite our best efforts, it has become obvious that Chris and I needed some help running the label and today we’re proud to announce that Atlanta DJ and producer Ronnie “Raskal” Rask is joining us to help manage our social media efforts.

Last month, we introduced you to Ronnie as part of the Atlanta DJ dou Raskal & Bri. We even hinted at how we were looking forward to releasing some of Raskal’s tracks in the future. His background is a mixture of design and marketing. He has also been a huge supporter of MK837 and has supported of our efforts since first connecting with us last summer.

As mentioned, Ronnie’s role within the label will be focused on social media and networking. You might have noticed some changes in our social presence over the past few weeks. That would totally be his influence. If you think he’s doing a good job, please let him know. He’s been working hard and we can’t wait to see where he takes us next.

Beyond MK837, Raskal & Bri are establishing a solid name for themselves within the Atlanta scene. Their upcoming shows include opening for the likes of Dave Seaman, John 00 Flemming and DJ Pierre. Ronnie is also committed to help focus and build up the Atlanta Tech House & Deep House communities which are close to the heart of MK837.

Ronnie is also finishing up two releases for MK837. The first will be out in either late March or early Spring. For now, you can preview his tracks on his SoundCloud and catch a few of his mixes on MixCloud.