We’ve Been Adopted

As many of you know, I had decided to shut down MK837 at the end of this year after running into a brick wall. The truth was that we weren’t making any progress as a label and the choices I had made in regards to running the label over the past year were not resulting in any growth.  The good news though is that the quality of our music has greatly increased over the past year. I don’t think that can be argued. Our artists are producing better music than ever and are starting to receive recognition from other labels as well. These two things combined just didn’t sit well with me, but it seemed like shutting down was the best option for the label and the artists involved.

Chris and I started discussing other options to continue the label as a community or some sort of collective. Some of these ideas included selling sample packs, free releases, online streaming events and more. The idea was to build our fan base which quite frankly hasn’t been growing to our knowledge. Many of these ideas wouldn’t require much effort, but it would require refocusing and restructuring the label. All of this was fine though.

Finally, the ugly elephant in the room was discussed and that was distribution. It was a topic that I was hesitant to discuss, but Chris was more than egger to tackle. In the end, Chris won. He’s been winning more and more of those arguments of late. He’s the kind of guy that you don’t need to keep around, but actually trust and listen to. Anyway, Chris suggested that we look into Proton Radio’s distribution program and so we did.

After a few short emails, Jason and the Proton gang adopted us into their family. They also worked their butts off to make our transition as smooth as possible and are actively going to work with us to help give us exposure to the Proton Radio community. We now have the opportunity for features within their social media network, we will have opportunities for radio airplay as well as guest mixes on their shows and a few other opportunities for features.

We’ve only been a member of the Proton family for about a month now, but Chris and I are glad that we have made the change. It’s nice to have a distributor standing in the corner for you and cheering you on. We’re still going to pursue some of the other ideas for building the community. I’ll talk more about those in the future, but for now… this is our big change. I think we’ve found home.