Featured Release: Rieche & Richards – Neverbeens

MK837’s Featured Release is a new segment where we occasionally highlight one of our artists’ releases on another label. We love it when you support MK837, but we really just want to see our artists supported in all of their efforts. This time around, we’re featuring Reiche & Richards’ Neverbeens EP.

Dave and Chris recently ventured beyond MK837 with their new collaborative effort Neverbeens. Leaving behind their original collaboration name J&M, Reiche & Richards shows a maturing side to their music as well as a continuation of the dark and quirky sound that made J&M special.

Neverbeens is out now on Chris Harrington’s label Uncovered. It features five new progressive house tracks that are worthy of adding to any crate. You especially won’t want to miss Drowning Dream (Club Mix) or The Light.