One Year Later

What do you say when you realize that a year has passed since the death of your best friend? I’ve been wondering that now for a few weeks. I miss Kevin immensely. I know he’s in Heaven now and nothing could be better for him. I know that I’m still supposed to be here doing whatever it is that I’m supposed to be doing. Life goes on, but truthfully it’s been a hell of a year without him.

In some ways I’ve put my life on hold to mourn Kevin’s passing. In other ways, I’ve just been jacked up and body slammed over and over again with seemingly random events. In the past, Kevin was always there for me to complain to. He was always there to get me to laugh or to slap sense into me. I’ve been lacking that this year and well… Kevin’s shoes are pretty hard to fill.

I can’t imagine what his mother, stepfather, sister and brother-in-law have been feeling. All I know is that we can all be comforted in that have that we know for sure where he is now and that we can be united with him in the future.

It’s time though for me to stop mourning and start living again. I’m not saying that I will forget about Kevin and his impact on my life. I’m simply saying that I need to start living again. I need to stop staring into an abyss and wondering what now. It’s time to turn the page on this year of mourning and start writing a new page of celebration and joy.

Just for fun though, here’s an old podcast that I had recorded with Kevin and Chris for This was back in the early days of the label. If you need a laugh like I do, take a moment and enjoy the nonsensical banter between the three of us. It’s about as professional as anything we’ve ever done here.


We all miss you. You made us all a little better, but most of us you made a lot better. Keep a place warm for me, because I’m coming to see you in a few decades.