New Release: Coco Street & Deeflash – Everybody Jump

Gospel house vocalist Coco Street and tech house producer Deeflash have teamed up for a long awaited collaboration. “Everybody Jump” is equal parts deep house classic and dark and brooding tech house. Throw in a massive house remix by Chemical Harmony and youve got a killer release thats not to be missed.

From the Tastemakers

  • “Love both mixes of this track, just a great groove with enough elements to really take it to the next level.” —
  • “Brooding moody and intense – love this mix. Got me jumping HIGH! Yes Coco!”  — Marcia Carr (Talking Music Productions / Soul Survivors / The Ladyz)
  • “Chemical Harmony remix just edges it for me.” — Pete Le Freq (Llama Farm Recordings / The Seed / Frech)
  • “Real tasty. Dropping this tonight.” — Niall Redmond (The Digital Groove Podcast)
  • “I love chemical harmony remix a lot.” — Katzo (NuLabel / Multi Vitamins / Datagroove Music)
  • “Fantastic Bassline in “Original”, but I love ‘Chemical Harmony’ due to Soulful Sounds. Great Release!!!”  — DJ SaF (Sesque Music / Crossworld Records / Boiler Underground Records)
  • “I like this. I’m great Coco street Fan.” — DJG
  • “Vocals are great on both tracks. Love the baseline on the Remix.” — DJ Raskal
  • “GREAT WORK and with Coco’s vocals…as u know I LUV U shuga. AMAZING” — Itchy Lemon
  • “Is a great work. A special mix of house genres. My full support.” — deejayAleph
  • “Sounding great Coco!” — DJ Pat D