Retrospective Breaks: Remembering Kevin Oneel

It’s seems wrong to write this, but at the same time I need to get it off my chest. Just about eleven months ago to the day, Kevin Oneel died. He was in a lot of ways the strong heart of this label. He always knew the right thing to say to lighten any situation. His knowledge of the history of electronic dance music was astounding. His ability to not just befriend those who were far more successfully than himself, but to make himself a vital advisor in their lives was simply mindboggling. Kevin was the type of guy who could insult you one second because you were acting like a complete fool and then next have you back in line and ready to die for him.

His death was sudden and unexpected and most if not all of us connected with MK837 have felt a bit lost this past year without his guidance. To say that we have found closure in regards to his death would be a lie. There really is no way to say goodbye to Kevin, but we’ve had to. A year later, some of us are still saying goodbye.

In a lot of ways, that’s why this month’s release has become necessary. One of Kevin’s musical passions was breaks. If he couldn’t spin progressive house/trance, he was spinning breaks. In fact, he loved to mix both together. Kevin was a man of diverse tastes and that diversity eventually landed him a role in nerdcore as a ghost producer for several MC Lars releases as well as a few others. He was fascinated with the idea of doing a $5 ghetto rap CD to sell at the gas station down the street, if only for his own personal amusement. It was Kevin’s love of breaks that MK837 even considered releasing them. Without his influence, MK837 would have been a rather structured tech house / progressive house label.
With all that said, this month’s Retrospective Breaks, is a release dedicated to Kevin’s memory. We don’t have any spiffy marketing quotes for you this time. We’re just going to let the music stand for itself.

To Kevin!