Why MK837? w/ Rikki

One of the things we set out to do with MK837 was to find some rather unique sounds that don’t get a lot of mainstream play. Rikki fits that bill to a tee. In fact, one of the things that attracted me to his demo initially was that it was reminiscent of the artist Merka who’s Beserka album on Fat! Records had literally spent months in my CD player.

While stylistically, Merka and Rikki are still as different as night and day, there was a root sound that I was in love with. Rikki brought diversity to the label that was desperately needed. I can always count on Rikki to deliver a consistently twisted sound that keeps things fresh.
So why does Rikki work with MK837?

“Why MK837? I remember discovering them through the Beatport breaks chart one afternoon – Kevin Oneel’s remix of Heart I think it was. I sent them three or four tracks and in a day or two got a reply. At that time I was sending out lots of demos and 9.5 times from 10 got no reply, let alone any enthusiasm. Dave emailed and said something to the effect of “MK837 wants you, seriously…” The squad is always in touch, always hustling along, trying to build up the label and catch the American dream! I’ve been given artistic freedom and supportive opportunity and I’ve never yet been hassled for taking ages to get things done. MK837 puts the work in.”

— Rikki

You can check Rikki’s music out on Beatport and if you think it’s as stellar as we do, please support our Kickstarter. We’re down to just 5 days now.

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